Rebol WASM


Run Rebol/ren-c in a browser console

When the console comes up, you can try

do <chess>


do <downloads>

Brian Otto's demo GUI builder here. Type run 'ui-builder. Background to how it works is in an issue and source

Watch Brian Otto's presentation from the Rebol Conference 2019



GitHub/Hostilefork - the console

GitHub/Metaeducation - rebol JS extension


Giulio Lunati's rebol-server - Android apk demonstration using a modified rebol httpd, and WASM. Source

Watch Giulio Lunati's presentation (in Italian with english subtitles) from the Rebol Conference 2019


Is so far confined to the sources but here's a cribsheet

Things to try

Minimal Self Hosting

If you would like to try running the rebol wasm on your own pages, and don't have the time to keep updating your code as changes occur, then it's best to store the various resources locally. This includes the .js and .wasm files.

Here's an example hosted on Gitlab. Just clone the repository using this link or

git clone

You can update the resources using this download script


Use this to make random notes

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