Brief Overview

About Rebol

Rebol is a modern interpreted language where code is data. It isn't object oriented, but has objects. It isn't a functional language but has first class functions. There are virtually no syntax rules or immutable keywords, making it ideal for developing domain-specific "dialects". - Stackoverflow tag


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A low activity chat group on stackoverflow


A discourseforum discusses the language, and aims in more details


We have a Patreon account where people can contribute to help keep the forum going, and to pay for domain fees and data transfer fees.

Porting Guide

Port Rebol2 code to Ren-c Trello


Carl Sassenrath's original Github repository has been inactive since 2013. Of historical interest only but you can build r3alpha from this.

Brian Dicken's fork known as ren-c is the main active branch and this site addresses the changes arising from that.

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